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SECOND CHANCE - B6 White Saffiano TN

Salty Katie

Regular price $45.00
SECOND CHANCE - B6 White Saffiano TN
SECOND CHANCE - B6 White Saffiano TN

B6 White Saffiano TN - Baby Pink Stitch and Elastics.

Second Chance Items:

Second chance are TNs with imperfections. Potential imperfections include:

  • Wonky Stitching
  • Crooked Holes
  • Small nicks in leather
  • Scars
  • Branding/Stamps on reverse side

Some imperfections are barely noticeable, some are more obvious.

Second Chance items ship FIRST CLASS with no insurance and no guarantee of arrival. If the post office loses it, I will not replace. Basically, you take on the risk when you purchase second chance.

Second chance items are sold at a 35-40% discount and no coupon codes can be used. If you use a coupon code, I will cancel your order. Best to place 2 orders if you want to use a coupon.

All sales are final.

These generally sell quickly, so don’t dilly dally. Lol.

Photos are of the actual TN you will receive.

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