Hi All - Hey All - we are running on our usual 1-2 week turnaround. New Releases coming right up! See bottom of page for details!


What is your current turn around time?

Processing times are kept at 1-2 weeks for most of the year. Every item is hand made after you order. A couple of times per year (vacations/Christmas/New Years) I extend shipping times to 2-3 weeks to allow me to spend time with family. I typically send out emails and texts to let you know this is happening, and speak about it on social media so you can plan accordingly. 

What are your policies on Returns/Exchanges?

Please see our Policies page. 

Do you make custom jelly covers or pagemarkers?

Not currently. It's nearly impossible to make a pattern for a book I don't have in my hands.

I want a jelly cover size you don't currently make. What do I do?

Email me kate@saltykatie.com.

Can I place and order for one size, then change it in the Notes to Seller?

No. Stop. Don't. Please. Lol.

Can I change my jelly order?

No, but I'll cancel it. Changing orders (including changing elastics colors) slows down the production process and my customers want their jelly items sometime yesterday.

 What sizes are the spines on your TNs?

All my TNs come standard with a 1.5" spine and 4 elastics. 

 What kind of sticker paper do you use?

Smooth Matte Unicorn and Vinyl Matte Unicorn.

 How can I reach you?

Email me at kate@saltykatie.com!