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Salty Charms

Jelly Charms for your Planner!

Hobonichi Jelly Covers

Order all your Jelly Hobonichi Covers here! The collection includes covers for the A5 Hobonichi Cousin, A5 Cousin AVEC, A6 Original, A6 5 Year, Hobonichi Weeks, Hobonichi Weeks Mega, Hobonichi Weeks Mega Softcover.

Jelly Stalogy Covers

Order all you Stalogy Jelly Covers here. We have covers for the B6 Stalogy, B6 Half Year Stalogy, A6 Stalogy, and A5 Stalogy.

Jibun Techo Jelly Covers

Order all your Jibun Techo Jelly Covers here. I offer covers for the B6 Slim Jibun Techo, A5 Slim Jibun Techo, B6 Slim LITE Mini.

Jelly Accessories

Order your Jelly Accessories here. I offer Jelly Pagemarkers with Pen Loop, Jelly Wallet Inserts, and Jelly Rings Dashboards!

Jelly Notebook Covers

Here are the Jelly Covers for the A5 Leuchtturm, Small Passion Planner, & B6 Slim Nanami Cafe Note

Jelly Rings

Order your jelly rings planner here!

Foul Mouth Fun

Sassy cursing stickers for your planner! These cursing planner stickers are perfect for the sassier planner.
Hobonichi Tabs
Hobonichi Tabs
Hobonichi Tabs
Hobonichi Tabs
Hobonichi Tabs
Hobonichi Tabs
Hobonichi Tabs
Hobonichi Tabs

Hobonichi Tabs

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Perfect Pocket Folios

Order a Custom Leather Perfect Pocket Folio for your Notebook!

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