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Jelly Traveler's Notebook


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Jelly Traveler's Notebook
Jelly Traveler's Notebook
Jelly Traveler's Notebook
Jelly Traveler's Notebook
Jelly Traveler's Notebook
Jelly Traveler's Notebook
Jelly Traveler's Notebook
Jelly Traveler's Notebook

Each TN will have a 1.5" spine, 4 elastics, and no pockets. 

Choose your jelly and elastics colors to match your gorgeous notebook!! See below for a description of each color!

Thread is white for all cover colors except black, which will have black thread. 

Keep in mind that black is the least transparent jelly color, so you may not be able to see your inserts well once it's covered. You should be able to see your inserts right through all the other jelly colors. 

Please Note: The Weeks TN works best if you use two of the 4 elastics for the Weeks book, as it is somewhat heavier that the typical TN insert. 

Jelly Color Descriptions:

Clear - Clear jelly with holographic stars imprinted on it. Super shiny. Our most popular choice. Perfectly see-through.

Barely There - Similar to clear jelly with a light pink cast. Adds a very light pink aura to your planner. Imprinted with holographic stars.

Dusty Rose - Much darker than Barely There, ads a darker pink tone to your planner. Imprinted with holographic stars.

Pinch - Light pink jelly, no stars or glitter. My current FAVE!

Black - Totally black jelly with holographic stars. It’s almost totally opaque so you’ll barely be able to see your planner through it at all. Perfect for a planner cover you want to disguise.

All Clear - Totally clear jelly with no stars or glitter.

Near Perfect Peach Twist - Available only on the website. My personal favorite as it’s holographic. 

Glitter - Clear jelly with lots of holographic glitter imprinted in it. For those of you who like jelly, just not stars. It’s not quite as see-through as All Clear and Clear because of all the glitter. 

Unsure which jelly to choose? You can purchase samples on this listing:


Do you make custom jelly covers or pagemarkers?

Not currently. It's nearly impossible to make a pattern for a book I don't have in my hands.

I want a jelly cover size you don't currently make. What do I do?
Email me


Can I place and order for one size, then change it in the Notes to Seller?

No. Stop. Don't. Please. Lol.

Can I change my jelly order?

No, but I'll cancel it. Changing orders (including changing elastics colors) slows down the production process and I want to ship your jelly as soon as possible.

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