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Logo Removal Listing


Regular price $399.99
Logo Removal Listing

Occasionally customers ask me to remove my logo from my products before sending them.

As any other small shop owner might tell you, I’ve lain awake at night worrying about my shop. I’ve put in early hours and late nights trying to make it grow at the expense of my social life and time with my family. I’ve spent countless hours working to make this a thriving business that provides a valuable and fun product.

So knowing that, it won’t come as a surprise that both this business and the logo that represents it are important to me both personally and professionally.

As a result, removal of the logo is expensive.

One logo removal listing must be purchased for each item in your order. Once done, I’ll happily remove the logo and ship your gorgeous new jelly to you!!

Please note, no physical product will be shipped as a result of the purchase of this listing, this is only for the right to logo removal for one jelly product, purchased separately from another listing.

No other rights of any kind are bestowed after the purchase of this listing. It’s just cash for me to use to buy pretty things, and gives you no other rights at all.

To put this in simpler terms: Asking a small shop owner to remove their logo is sort of like inviting your friend to a backyard barbecue, then telling her you only want her to bring one of her kids, because you don’t really like the other one.